Property Marketing




It’s a simple statement to make, so let’s qualify it. The internet has evolved so much in recent years, that people are more than ever reliant on their property being noticed on the internet.

The most traditional ways of marketing property was through local papers and property agents, now its moved to the internet. Even if it is on the internet your property may not be being viewed by as many people as it could be.

Many real estate agents believe that sharing properties for sale with other agents give that property more exposure. To a certain extent it will when displayed in an agents window, but not necessarily on the internet.

What agents fail to realise or choose to ignore is that internet search engines do not like duplicate material. If your agent has shared your property with a number of other agents and they have simply “cut and pasted” it on to their website, there is a very good chance that your property will fail to show on internet search engine results.

“For sale by owner” (also know as FSBO) is becoming increasingly popular, largely due to homeowners wanting to take control of the selling of their property or the agents commission being to high.

Costa Blanca Marketing can provide full marketing support tailored to the need of a FSBO client, including guaranteed internet and social media exposure.

If you are a real estate agent, Costa Blanca Marketing would be pleased to review your current marketing activities and provide guidance to improve your property sales.